Healing without rational answers


Still looking for a rational answer?  It feels good, but I need to know why?  C’mon, just put that mind away for a bit.  Enjoy without description.

An affective (feeling) of a growth experience is an experience that can’t be cognitised but is felt nonetheless.  Feeling lighter, feeling more spacious, feeling just a bit more well?

A wonderful quote from Carl Rogers from a client at the end of counselling:

“I can’t tell just exactly what’s happened.  It’s just that I felt that I exposed something, shook it up and turned it around; and when I put it back it felt better.  It’s a little frustrating because i’d like to know exactly whats going on”

(Rogers, 1961: 151)

My words, its simple, you healed a little.


Author: Simon AnAccidentalAnarchist.blog

Author of AnAccidentalAnarchistBlog.wordpress.com Trainee Gestalt counsellor

12 thoughts on “Healing without rational answers”

  1. This came at a perfect time. As a student of philosophy and physics, understanding why has been a cornerstone of my intellectual and existential life. Yet, after a recent traumatizing event without any way of reaching a certain why, I found that I had to accept that and grow regardless.

    I’m glad to see an independent verification of this cope and growth method. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. If only it were easier to put all words and concepts into the shredder and forget them only for a while. There is more than we can know going on but something within seems to need it. Solitude or at least silence have helped me to realize

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